Associate Coaching and Training
“A well designed strategic plan cannot be improvised. To do so is simply too expensive.”.

Carmen Bandres has more than 22 years helping companies and business owners with the achievement of their strategic goals. Her major in Public Accounting and her Finance specialization have been an important pillar in her professional career, which initiated when she was 19 years old in one of the more important audit and consulting firms globally, Ernst and Young. During her first years she worked in the Financial Audit area, and continued her growth as a Risk Consultant and Internal Auditor. After 14 years in the firm, she achieved her promotion to Partner and later she was promoted as the Leader Partner of the firm´s Advisory Services in Venezuela. Throughout her career, Carmen has advised a large number of multinationals, as well as small and medium-sized businesses. Her internal audit experience with management of risk-based methodologies kept her focused on the strategic issues of her clients, helping them to improve the leverage of their businesses, management, corporate governance, processes, systems, technologies and team… to ensure the long-term goals are met, and so the sustainability of the business for next generations. In mid-2015, she moved to Dominican Republic, along with her family. From there, she opened a branch of ActionCOACH, the number one business coaching company in the world, helping companies and entrepreneurs to earn more money and a better quality of life for the business owners and their teams.

Carmen Bandres is Associate in Coaching and Training in Dominican Republic.